On-Line Mileage Information

You can enter your mileage online. To do this, log into the member area of the web site and from the "MEMBERS ONLY" menu select "MILEAGE" This will create an account for you with your web site user id. Then you can enter your mileage. The web site will store your mileage each month of the calendar year, and you can review it, or check the current mileage for the rest of the members entering online.

There is no need to enter information on 1000 mile months, since the program will calculate that but only if you enter your miles every month. Also, you need to check the boxes for metrics and centuries each month to get these recorded. The good news is that you can change data from prior months, so for example, if you didn't enter your info for August, when you logged 1200 miles and a metric and century, you can enter this information later. You will still have to enter the information from the prior month by the 3rd of the month to have it included in the mileage list in WheelPeople.

You can enter mileage either cumulatively, miles from January 1 to the end of the month you are entering, or month by month. If you enter mileage month by month, you will need to enter mileage every month for the program to calculate your total mileage for the year. The program stores only cumulative mileages and calculates monthly mileage from this.

There still seems to be a bit of confusion about the metric/century column in the mileage chart. This represents the number of months in which the rider completed one or more metrics or centuries. So, if you did two centuries in a month, you only count one. The idea is that you get more bragging rights for a century in January than, say, July. An additional caveat is that the century in question must have been completed in New England, so no sneaking in a century during your vacation in Florida. Actually, completing a century anywhere where the temperature was below freezing would probably qualify. This is all on the honor system, but lying will get you eternal damnation.

Mileage entered should be outdoor road or trail miles only, no trainer miles, spin class miles, etc.

We also keep track of people that have been reporting mileage for five years or more (the "Hangin' In Club"). To be eligible you just have to make sure to enter your final mileage in December each year. It doesn't matter if you didn't ride at all in December, you still need to enter in December so we know your final mileage and that you are still active.

If you are unable to enter mileage on the web site, email our .

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