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What Color Is Your Jersey?

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A video has been making the email rounds recently, and it hits home in addressing how difficult it often is for motorists to spot cyclists when so much else is going on. As of this writing, the video can be viewed at and is worth a look.

Making yourself visible to motorists and other road users is a critical component of safe riding. Generally speaking, a bright-colored jersey is best, light is good, and dark just doesn’t work, even in broad daylight. Go for hi-viz yellow or lime green. Surprisingly, red can be hard to see on the road, so try to avoid it. On your next group ride, note how much more visible riders are who wear bright-colored jerseys.

In a word, make yourself as visible as possible so other road users can clearly see you.
At night, you’ll need a headlight, taillight and large rear reflector. A bright-colored vest or jacket with reflectorized tape will add to your visibility at night.

High visibility clothing is effective at improving motorists’ awareness of cyclists. Making a motorist, pedestrian or other bicyclist aware of you just a fraction of a second earlier could avert a collision.

There are many jerseys available that are designed to make cyclists more visible. There are even reflectorized gloves, so your hand signals show up at night.

Safety is about choices, what choices will you make?

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