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Kicking off the New Season
Part 2

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Spring marks the time when many of us pull our bikes out of storage and once again hit the roadways—a good time to reflect upon how we can demonstrate and promote the common values that tie us together as a club. Arguably, the most important of our common values are captured in the CRW Safety Policy:

"The CRW promotes safe, courteous, and lawful cycling practices. CRW members are expected to cycle in a safe, courteous, and lawful manner when participating in CRW rides, and to encourage the same among fellow members and CRW guests."

Last month, we provided some suggestions on how you can make a difference. Read on for additional suggestions.

Passing Other Cyclists: Pass on the left and announce your presence (say "passing" or "on your left"). While racers often pass so closely as to brush shoulders, most club riders are not accustomed to this. Give the slower cyclist at least three feet of clearance.

Yielding: Cyclists don't like to slow down, and we certainly don't like to stop. However, it is our legal obligation when motorists, pedestrians, or other cyclists have the right of way. In addition, we need to communicate our intent to yield by slowing appropriately as we approach intersections where other traffic has the right of way. We sometimes unwittingly force motorists to stop because they cannot predict our intentions. We may think that they are being polite and letting us proceed. They often aren't. They simply don't want to hit us.

Smoothing Traffic Flow: Cyclists can be difficult to pass, especially when riding as a group. To make it safer and easier for faster traffic (both motorists and other cyclists) to overtake us:

Safety considerations trump courtesy considerations, however, and a cyclist should take control of the travel lane when:

While the list of exceptions is long, at most times on suburban and rural roads we can safely ride on the right side of the travel lane.

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