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Rider Guidelines for
Charles River Wheelmen Rides

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by Eli Post


The CRW has been in business for over 40 years and for much of that time we've had guidelines for our ride leaders that provide recommendations on planning and running a ride. Over the years we've expanded the guidelines document so that it's now quite comprehensive and addresses most any question a ride leader might have related to organizing a CRW ride. We decided that it would also be appropriate for CRW to have Rider Guidelines, especially for riders new to the club or new to group riding. These Guidelines (see describe what to expect on our rides, and what is expected of riders. As you already know, or will soon realize, riding in a group is very different than riding on your own or with a few friends, and it requires mastering a new set of safety rules covering such topics as riding in groups and in traffic, what to do before the ride and at the start, and other considerations. We ask that you review the Rider Guidelines, and pay close attention to the recommendations. Our goal is to increase your enjoyment of each CRW ride as well as to promote safe riding, consistent with the CRW Safety Policy:

The CRW promotes safe, courteous, and lawful cycling practices. CRW members are expected to cycle in a safe, courteous, and lawful manner when participating in CRW rides, and to encourage the same among fellow members and CRW guests.

Even if you are not new to CRW rides, you will do well to go over the Rider Guidelines and at a minimum refresh your memory of group riding basics. The Rider Guidelines are based on traffic laws, common sense and courtesy. We ask that each member follow these Rider Guidelines for his/her own safety, for the safety of fellow riders, and as a courtesy to the motorists with whom we constantly interact. This is part of our committed and conscious effort to promote safe riding as well as project a positive image of bicyclists. We hope these Rider Guidelines help our members achieve safe bicycling, and as always we welcome any feedback or questions (


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