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Motorists, Please Share the Road

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In these safety articles we invariably ask bicyclists to ride safely, and provide guidelines on how that can be best accomplished. This time, however, we will discuss what motorists can do to improve bicycle safety.

Motorists and bicyclists are safest when they both follow the same traffic rules. Both have the same rights to the road and the same obligations. Motorists and bicyclists should observe speed limits, stop at traffic lights and stop signs, signal when changing lanes, yield the right-of-way where mandated, and maintain safe distances from other vehicles (cars and bicycles alike). Too often motorists and cyclists view each other negatively, but the point is to avert accidents to the benefit of all road users. Here are some ways that motorists can improve bicycle safety:

Armed with this information, we hope that you will be better positioned to remind your motoring friends and neighbors that we all share the road, and that bicycle safety is their responsibility as well as ours.


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