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by Carol Hausner


Greetings! I'm a new person on the Safety Committee, hoping to bring a different perspective to the Safety Corner—that of a person who loves the science of safety and also is suffering the long shadow of her husband being hit by a car.

Here's something shocking: many motorists will actually be quite accommodating of cyclists if they just knew what the heck we're planning to do. Let's face it—we're a highly mixed lot. Just watch the cyclists following the routes of the Saturday morning fitness ride—my normal route—and you'll see a wide range of behavior. When faced with a line of stopped cars (e.g., at a red light), some cyclists stop behind the last car, some ride up alongside the cars to stop at the intersection, and—sadly for all of us—some folks on bikes simply ignore traffic laws (and the concept of Same Roads, Same Rights, Same Rules), pass everyone and go through the red light.

We cyclists have many ways of communicating our intent, and extensive use of such communication tools can make for a much safer and more pleasant ride.

Here are a few examples:

Hope these are helpful! Safe and fun cycling!


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