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Sand, potholes, trenches and
frost heaves: Spring 2015

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frost heave  trench sand in roadway

May 2015

Spring is slowly emerging from under the snow and, even if Killington plans to stay open until June, we will soon be getting back on the roads. There are some surprises, however, which we caution you to heed. Many of the wider roads are clear with only minor potholes. Some of our more scenic roads have not done as well. Road shoulders are narrowed by debris and sand. Snowplows appear to have created minefields of potholes and linear trenches that are tricky to navigate. Riding on these roads demands attention and use of precautionary measures. Reducing speed, leaving more room between riders and riding single file reduces the risk of crashes when road conditions deteriorate. You need to pay attention to the road ahead and the rider in front of you but also pay attention to the riders behind you and oncoming car traffic in case you have to veer to the left to avoid a road hazard. When passing a pothole, remember that it is safer to pass to the right of a pothole if there is sufficient room. When descending on gouged roads, especially with sharp descents, slow down rather than pass the rider in front of you. Be especially careful when a sharp descent leads to an intersection where you will make a right turn as there is frequently an accumulation of sand and a deep pothole awaiting. The roads are finally inviting but think safe.

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