Legacy Cue Sheet Repository

This database is no longer maintained and has not been updated since 2007. For information on current rides, locate the ride you are looking for in the rides calendar, and use the RideWithGps links for the latest GPS routes and cuesheet information.

The repository contains cue sheets for CRW and other rides, and maps for some rides.

A description of the abbreviations used in these cue sheets is contained in the Cue Sheet Conventions.

These cue sheets are offered for your personal use, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE. Other organizations wishing to lead one of these rides should check with CRW first. CRW Ride leaders wishing to use one of these routes as a CRW ride should contact the leader first, if one is listed, to avoid potential conflicts.

NOTE: These cuesheets do NOT necessarily correspond to current rides of the same name. For up to date cuesheets consult the cuesheets referenced in the ride description or contact the leader.

NOTE: The routes in this collection represent rides that in some cases occurred several years ago. Present road conditions and locations may not exactly match the cues provided, and these should be used primarily as a guide. Several of the longer rides in this series are extremely difficult, and should be undertaken only with adequate preparation.

CRW presents these rides solely as a service to its members and the cycling community, and makes no claims as to the fitness of these rides for any purpose.

Ride are grouped as indicated below. To see the rides in a section click on the section name

Local Rides
CentralMost of ride is inside Route 128
NorthRide is North of Boston, north of Route 128, east of Route 93
SouthRide is South of Boston, west of Route 128, south of Route 2
WestRide is West of Boston, west of Route 128, north of Route 2
CenturiesRides of 100 miles or more
Farther AfieldRides outside the Boston metropolitan area
GEAR 98Rides from the LAB rally at Babson College in 1998

Other Club Cue Sheets

North Shore Cyclists
Seven Hills Wheelmen


Other Ride Information

Bicycle Rides in New England (courtesy of Gordon Harris, NSC)

Do you have a favorite local ride? Send new cue sheets or corrections to cuesheets in the library to to . Tab delimited ASCII or spreadsheet format is preferred following our cuesheet conventions.


BL - Bear left | BR - Bear Right | IL - Immediate left turn | IR - Immediate right turn | L - Turn left | R - Turn right | RR - Railroad | Rd - Road | S - Go straight | SS - Stop sign | St - Street | TL - Traffic Light | Tso - To stay on | X - Cross