Wednesday Wheeler Safety Policy Agreement

Our Goal

Large groups of cyclists, not just Wednesday Wheelers, can be a danger to themselves and create pent up frustration in drivers. A primary goal of ours is to minimize our impact on traffic at all times. This will enhance the safety of all local cyclists by displaying a sense of courtesy toward all road users, which encourages motorists' reciprocity.

The Safety Committee and Wheelers responding to the committee's outreach agree that the best way forward is for each of us to respond to car back, regroup off the road, and accommodate traffic moving in our direction.

This policy is a first step to ensure our safety by focusing on our interaction with traffic. We will monitor what happens and listen to your feedback. If, on reflection and with consultation, we need to modify this policy, we will.


I. Respond to "car back". The call of "car back" means that there is a motor vehicle behind us that we expect will pass. The call is a notification to move immediately to the right as close to the road edge as is safe to allow you to ride in a predictable manner. Ride single file, giving the driver enough space to pass safely, and continuing to do so until there are no more vehicles seeking to overtake us. While responding to "car back" on a Wheeler ride:

II. Regroup off the road. During regrouping, do not obstruct cars or pedestrians at the side of the road, at a driveway, or in a parking lot. When regrouping:

III. Spread the group to accommodate passing traffic. Ride in groups small enough to accommodate motor vehicles passing safely. Groups of eight (8) or fewer riders are appropriate for most conditions. When in the presence of passing traffic:

Helping Fellow Riders

When you notice behavior that differs from this policy, inform the Wheeler politely. If you are the one receiving such a message, know that it is given with our safety in mind.

Understand and Agree

The Wednesday Wheelers is a community that enjoys riding together. Agreeing below to do your best to comply with this policy lets your fellow Wheelers know you are committed to riding safely.

Please indicate your understanding and agreement. Because we depend on one another to keep our group safe, your continued inclusion on the Wednesday Wheeler email list is contingent on agreement. We hope every Wednesday Wheeler will agree to make safety a priority.

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